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Due to the variety of glazes and firing each piece is a unique piece of art. The shape, color and size will have the look and quality of the piece shown. 

These are some of designs currently available, just click the picture shown below to see more detail and information.  If you are interested in seeing more pictures or purchasing, please e-mail Irene directly at  
More Sealife
Cats and Other Designs
Turtle at Sea

42 inches across by 6 inches deep
Turquoise Turtle on travertine, 23 inches accross by 15 inches high
Turtle with cleaner fish,  28 inches acrpss
Green Sea Turtle on travertine, 17 inches across by 12 inches 
Turtle hatchlings, 22 inches across
Four Turtle clock, 13 inches
About Raku
The Nursery

Framed 24 by 20 inches
Eagle Ray  mounted on Silverstone
22 inches high 12 across.
Eagle Rays mounted on Silverstone
20 inches high 16 across.