Renee's Raku
Fish and Sealife

Butterfly 12 in
These are some of designs currently available, just click the picture shown below to see more detail and information.  The pieces average between 9 and 14  inches across.  If you are interested in seeing more pictures or purchasing, please e-mail Irene directly at  
Flounder 12 in
Seastar  11 in.
Pennant 11 inch

Clown Fish 12 in
Flame Wrasse
Turtle 12 inch
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Grouper 13 in

Big Eye 14 inch
Long nose
Turtle 12 in
Salmon 14 in
Trigger 11 inch
Trout 14 in
Shark 14 inch
Unicorn Fish
Due to the variety of glazes and firing each piece is a unique piece of art. The shape, color and size will have the look and quality of the piece shown. 

Sgt Major 11 in
Orca 12 inch
Parrot Fish 13 in
Octopus 10 in

Dolfin down

Dolfin up 12 in

I am a diver.  I have over 100 fish designs.  I try to catch as much the feel of the fish flashing in the light and changing colors before your eyes even more than trying to capture true coloring.  Send a picture and I will see what I can do, I have a collection of custome nudibranch sculptures started!

Prices   $45.00 each or  mix and match, 2 for $85,  3 for $125 Free Shipping